Corset shapewear.

Vintage hourglass fashion

Models in Dior dresses in 1947 year.

To make your gown look more attractive and to hide some of your “least favorite” features and to accentuate your best attributes it is often advisable to wear corset shapewear under your dress.
What is it this shapewear and how do I find the most suitable one for me?
What design will be the best for shapewear? It depends upon your goals. Usually corset makers like Corsettery advise choosing underbust styles with long hip line. Such styles will tighten your waist and cover your stomach and at the same time you will be able to choose the best and most comfortable bra to wear with it.
But sometimes you also want to underline your bust and want to find an overbust corset for it. The main tip in this is to find a retailer where you can customer order the size of your corset so that it won’t flatten your bust but will support it with the bones of the corset. Be sure that the size of your corset is not less than on 3-4 inches of your natural bust size. Also note that corset shapewear should have modesty panel that will allow you to make the size of the corset a bit adjustable so you will be able to try it with bra under it or without, with more or less tightening.
If you are looking for tempting decollete shapes as on the pictures or in the movies pay attention to special silicone bra pads. The main goal of them is not only to make your breast look a bit bigger but also to move both parts to each other and create a beautiful decollete.
In modern times corset shapewear has become very fashionable because it is able to create a beautiful hourglass shape suitable for a vintage fashionable looks. Blouse and high waist skirt or just a dress with a thin waist with a shaping corset underneath combined with beautiful high heels will be able to create an outstanding gown for an everyday casual look and for special occasions depending upon what fabrics and colors of dress you choose.

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