Diary 1. Waist training review Black satin waist corset of 18″

First time when you receive your waist training corset you may have feeling like “Oh! It is too small! I will never fit in it”. One of our waist training volunteers received 18″ corset and her first reaction was “Oh no! It’s too small! I’m so sorry! I’ve fit an 18 inch before but this one I couldn’t :((” and she sent us photo that corset is absolutely small!

waist training diaryLooks like a disaster and we all were very upset. But we decided first to find our what happened because corset was supposed to be smaller for waist training and waist reduction but not so much. So we sent video and instructions how to put on corset correctly: unlace it as much as possible, than put it on, be sure corset fits correct in hips, waist and so on and then start to lace it pulling “rabbit ears”.






After this she tryed to put corset another way and sent us photos. Corset was still a bit small at the back, but not so much.

waist training diary waist training diary

We decided to make a bit bigger corset and wait when 18″ corset will fit better after some waist training.

What should you learn when you decide to start waist training with steel boned corset?

  • the corset for waist training will always be a bit smaller than your natural sizes. If corset is not smaller it won’t give any waist reduction. You will need to lace your corset really tight for real waist training effect.
  • be sure that you wear your corset correctly! First unlace as much as possible, then put it on, then tighten. You will never be able to put on tightened corset.
  • when you take it off the same: first unlace corset as much as possible or you will be in “corset trap” because you won’t be able to unlock busk.

Corset used for this experiment you may buy here.

After that we decided to start with 20″ corset and then see if it is possible to go on with 18″.

Day one in my new 20 inch waist training corset. A much better fit then the 18 inch but we will eventually get there! I’ve been sick the past few days but have started feeling better and ready to take on the experiment! The last corset was more of satin material but this one feels just as nice like coutil. I only take off the corset when I bathe so results are quicker and am at 25 inches right now I hope to get down to 22! Like Dita Von Teese! I’ve been slacking on my corset wearing but I am back into the swing of it. My waist originally was 27 inches two years ago. So here’s to losing more with the help of the very kind Corsettery! I put my waist training corset on after I blow dried my hair and feel most comfortable at home with a band t shirt or nightie/slip over it. Currently rocking an Ozzy T. With that said I’m about to go my first night to sleep in corset, so goodnight and further mentions tomorrow!


At the second week of wearing my waist is 24″!

day two in my corset re tightened it this morning only up to my waist size may need help lacing. More comfortable then my first corset I got two years ago and sleeping in it is easier! Took a few pictures of it on with lace opera length gloves. Going out to dinner was fine I try not too eat too much when wearing it and being  a vegetarian should help. Off to work tomorrow and will pair it with a black dress, I mostly wear black.

Day three yesterday’s entry wasn’t very long but today was fine I’ll take it off shortly in the morning to take a shower.  Worn under a maxi dress and will probably wear it over one tomorrow with stockings. Very comfortable to sleep in which makes the training much easier, I hate to take it off haha.

Day four still a pleasant time wearing it, trying to tighten it more little by little, just taking my time. Much easier to break in then my original was it would take a couple of weeks to get used to, getting back into waist training has never been easier!

Day five a little sore after today but overall still good and looking forward to bed, hopefully I will get to set up a photo shoot soon with my friend who’s in college for photography, I’d love a fetish shoot with this corset and lingerie, I have so many ideas already! Let’s hope I find more accessories to go along with it for the big day!

Day six had a fun day with just my parents going to the movie theatre and dinner. The corset felt just right the whole movie! Veggie burger of course! Good day and wore my vintage 70s polka dot dress over it! Tightening as I go on wearing it and sleeping on my back and not side in order to not put stress on the corset.

Day seven! I wasn’t feeling as good as yesterday so I didn’t do much, rainy day so I just watched my niece for a bit and made a banana coconut cream pie. Corset still fine seems. Itchy at times like any other corset but no complaints, I don’t have dry skin tho some put lotion on the waist area for this reason but I just always rub lotion all over when I dry off from showering. Preferably lush cosmetics.

Day 8 some more babysitting and some food shopping, I noticed acne on my lower back and even stomach and think it’s from wearing the corset so much while sweating and as it clears up I should probably get a liner to wear underneath it. No biggie but surprising of the few on my stomach because I’ve never gotten it there. I should dry clean it soon too.

Day 9 of waist training. babysat a bit, cleaned, preparing for a small party tomorrow, corset is fine, my acne seems to be on it’s way to clearing still need to order a liner tho. Not much difference in my waist size but still positive I’m on the right track towards my goal 22 inches!

Day ten good so far planning a photo shoot with a friend and to send an application for a trusted modeling agency. My depression and anxiety have made me let stuff pass me by but now it’s time to get things done. Feeling much more body positive wearing the corset and knowing I’m on my way to reaching my goal eventually and gradually.  Excited to start something!

Day 11 feeling good cinched and ready to go to work tomorrow and plan more. Love the curves of the corset and the sex goddess feeling it gives haha. Doing chores and going to work is easy with it on.

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