Diary 2. Underbust black satin corset with double rows of bones. 32″

Corset used for this diary and review is Corsettery underbust satin with double rows of steel bones of size 2XL (32 inches).

waist training diary and reviewswaist training diary

The diary is in the Instagram account https://instagram.com/weaverthecleaver/

Today, I finally laid hands upon my beautiful custom-made #waisttraining #corset, designed and created by the amazing @corsettery!
I’ll do an update here every week to record the progress, and I’ll have the blog up soon!


plus size wast training review  #day8 and the breaking-in period is almost complete. I wear it for 4-5 hours a day (basically how long before it gets uncomfortable) and have already seen improvements to my posture. Current corsetted measurements: Waist- 36″ (-1), Hip- 39″(-1) and no change to Rib- 40″.









real waist training diary Thanks to my sweet squishy corset, there’s been a 3″ drop from both rib and hip over 3 weeks. Pretty rad!
I had no idea if be making such progress. I’m training 6 hours 4 days a week, 2-4 hours 2 days a see, and one day off. Coupled with healthy eating, exercise and tons of walking, it’s been amazing!
I’m not going to lie and say it’s not a little weird feeling, but I wouldn’t say painful. The only painful part is getting it broken in or “seasoned”, which takes a while. I would just wear it for a few hours every night til it got annoying. Honestly though, it takes a bit of getting used to. Just like wiring out, don’t push yourself, slowly work yourself up, and take a day off.
Be patient, listen to your body, don’t overdo it. Put your shoes on first. Don’t be freaked out of it looks weird the first few times you try it on. Don’t use it as a way to alter your body, but to improve it. Don’t force the clasps in the front. Always loosen it all the way before unclasping.


I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much, it’s been hectic here. It’s been an impressive experience! I’ve lost 2″ from both my waist and his since beginning, and those are without the corset! I’ll probably do a post tomorrow before work.

Been scoping out options for costume/corset combos too, so that will be in the works as well.

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