cotton waist training corset
Cotton corsets are super comfortable and are looking vintage and stylish. If you are looking for everyday tightening corset or special corset for waist training it is better to look for 100% cotton corset. In 2015 Corsettery has launched their special Cotton Fintess Edition corsets: several top waist training designs […]

100% cotton Fitness Edition corsets

white cotton waist training corset diary
I have chosen 100% cotton fitness edition corset for my waist training review because I had an intense to wear it almost everyday and also I wanted to practice under corset wrappings with different lotions so I am going to wash my corset. Corset from this waist training diary. I […]

Diary 5. Waist training review: white cotton vintage corset

real plus size waist training diary
The first week of waist training with cupless overbust corset top from Corsettery. Steel boned corset for experiment was created specially with super thin waist (almost 10 inches less than natural size). I received my wonderful Pink satin overbust corset with drapery (July 13, 2015) it is beautiful! I was […]

Diary 4. Plus size overbust cupless top waist training review.

best waist training diaries
Corset from waist training diary is a black cotton custom made waspie Corsettery. Just got off work. End of work day#2 while waist training. My skin looks so lovely after 5 hrs of corset wearing. Hey, it’s waist training life and I’m all about that life, ha ha. Sleeping in […]

Diary 3. Black cotton waspie, 38 size (24″). Review with ...

waist training diary
Corset used for this diary and review is Corsettery underbust satin with double rows of steel bones of size 2XL (32 inches). The diary is in the Instagram account Today, I finally laid hands upon my beautiful custom-made #waisttraining #corset, designed and created by the amazing @corsettery! I’ll do an update here […]

Diary 2. Underbust black satin corset with double rows of ...

waist training diary
First time when you receive your waist training corset you may have feeling like “Oh! It is too small! I will never fit in it”. One of our waist training volunteers received 18″ corset and her first reaction was “Oh no! It’s too small! I’m so sorry! I’ve fit an […]

Diary 1. Waist training review Black satin waist corset of ...

Vintage hourglass fashion
To make your gown look more attractive and to hide some of your “least favorite” features and to accentuate your best attributes it is often advisable to wear corset shapewear under your dress. What is it this shapewear and how do I find the most suitable one for me?

Corset shapewear.

Corsettery waist training corset
At the point when you decide to buy a real waist training corset you start to look through the internet and for sure find some extremely cheap Asian corsets that are looking so cool in their picture. Their price is like $10-$30.  Great deal right?  Not so fast. Well, as […]

How to choose waist training corset?