There are several steps for creating a perfect waist. 1. Take the best styles of corsets for waist training. Waspie and underbust mesh corset that you can wear everyday. It will train your muscles into a perfect shape and wont allow you to over eat   2. Take care of […]

Waist training – make a perfect waist

When you already have your Corsettery corset it is a great time to add some sexy stockings to it. We have found the most sexy and cute. 1. Thigh High Stockings for Garter and Suspender Belts Veneziana Sheer Beige, Black, Large 2. Leg Avenue Women’s Plus Size Fishnet Thigh High Stockings […]

The most sexy stockings suitable for corsets

The rating of the most incredible lipsticks of 2018. 1. Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Awakening Lip Balm SPF 10 by Christian Dior for Women – 0.12 oz Lip Color 2. Christian Dior Addict Glow Color Awakening Lip Balm SPF 10, No. 004 Coral, 0.12 Ounce 3. L’OrĂ©al Paris Colour […]

The most stylish lipstick colors of 2018

waist training with authentic corset
The diary has been written by @lavidarosa For the start Corsettery has created for her a special underbust corset and decorated it with tender wonderful lace. Day 1 of my waisttraining as a waisttrainingvolunteer for corsettery started lastnight 😍 I had laced it up tootight so had to fix the […]

Waist training journey in Corsettery corsets by Lavidarosa – wonderful ...

luxury handmade corsets wholesale
So you have a wonderful pinup shop. Or amazingly sweet internet store with vintage styled clothes. Or maybe you are thinking to open a gothic-alternative shop. You are very right thinking that corsets are extremely suitable for each kind of shop. Now the main question is where to find suitable […]

How To Start Selling Authentic Corsets?

Exclusive luxury vintage corset
You are looking for everyday waist training corset. Who decided that this corset must be very boring and casual? Don’t you think that you deserve something amazingly luxury and expensive? We have found you several wonderful custom made corsets decorated by tender delicate laces, made for your size and created […]

Luxury Corsets For Waist Training

PVC waspie
Here is a male waist training diary from a real person who is writing review about Corsettery PVC waspie with double bones. Original Instagram of diary. Day 2 of my 30 days for WaistTrainingVolunteer for Corsettery Let the seasoning begin! Day 3 of my WaistTrainingVolunteer for corsettery I’ve had this […]

Male waist training with waspie corset

Etsy discount code
For fans of real authentic handmade custom made corsets Corsettery started their Etsy Store. Unique styles, feedbacks, worldwide shipping, custom made styles and sizes, special sales and coupons and a lot of other treats for lovers of corsets and fans of Corsettery. Don’t forget to use that special discount code […]

Our Etsy Corset Store!

plus size waist training
For plus size body authentic waist training corset can be a really important part of the outfit. Curved amazing shapes will be underlined by underwear corset that is tightening and reducing waist. If you are a plus size and want to start waist training there are several things that you […]

Plus size waist training.

real waist training diary
It is very fashionable now to waist train using different kinds of underwear, belts and corsets. There is a big part of waist training that is connected with tight lacing with real corset. How does it work? You buy a real heavy corset on steel bones, it must be smaller […]

What is a waist training review?