What is this site about?

waist training diariesWe are manufacturers of authentic steel boned corsets. We have launched the #waisttrainingvolunteers experiment at our Instagram account https://instagram.com/corsettery/ where we are choosing different women of different sizes of shapes to take part in waist training with real corset.

They choose different corsets, they have different style and different age. Somebody is trying 18″ corset and somebody will try to fit into 36″. At the pages of this blog you will see detailed reviews and diaries about waist training with steel boned corset: feelings, emotions, experiences and results. Only real people and only real custom made corsets from Corsettery.

If you want to take part in this experiment follow us on Instagram and look for our waist training banners that will appear from time to time calling to send us a letter. Maybe you will be next person taking part in waist training.

On the pages of this site you will be able to find out is waist training with corset real? What shapewear corset is the best choice for this? Where to buy cheap waist training corset? You will be able to read about experience in waist training of beginners and of fitness experts.