Waist training diary with classic waspie.

waist training diary with waspieFor this waist training diary was chosen classic black satin waist training waspie. Created especially for tight lacing it has a heavy construction – steel bones and special corset materials, cotton lining. It fits perfect between hip bones and ribs.

I have always been more of a tightlacer, in the sense that I use corsets for photoshoots and events, where I put it on and do it up very tight and wear it for a small amount of time. So my natural instinct is to get the cincher on and tighten it up all the way I can, but I must refrain from doing this and allow time for the cincher to break in.
Tomorrow I will start seasoning the corset to break it in before I start wearing it extensively for training. It is a very beautiful corset that has been custom made to fit my measurements.


Today I began the seasoning of the corset by wearing it for two hours. I am going to slowly increase over the next ten days by a half an hour per day, and tightening it slightly at every hour point of each day I am wearing it. I aim to be wearing it for five days a week, a half day Saturday and Sunday off.

Wearing and waist training

Day 6 of wearing my new corset! I am wearing for 3 hours today as apart of the seasoning! I got new piercings last week on Wednesday night and have therfore cut back on my exercise due to it being uncomfortable and not wanting to interfere with the healing.

Day 8 & 9 of waist training! trying to do four hours a day. I have really been trying to creep up slowly on the hours to ensure that I break in the corset (and my body) correctly so as not to cause damage to either of them which can happen if you do not go through seasoning with brand new corsets.

Along with the waist training I have been trying to go for more walks (but it is getting hot here) and also do my yoga/flexibility which is good for keeping the core muscles well during corseting and also trying hard to alter my diet slightly. I am generally a healthy eater, I don’t eat take away food cause it upsets my stomach, but I do have a sweet tooth and really love having something sweet after dinner so I am trying some healthy sweets recipes.

Waist training day 16 – worn for 4 hours at around a 2-2.5 inch reduction. Starting to get more comfortable at 4 hours so see if I can increase the time I wear it by end of the week :)

Full diary with schedule, seasoning, more photos and so much more is here http://lacedxbones.tumblr.com/

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