How to choose waist training corset?

Corsettery waist training corset

Custom made waist training corset Corsettery

At the point when you decide to buy a real waist training corset you start to look through the internet and for sure find some extremely cheap Asian corsets that are looking so cool in their picture. Their price is like $10-$30.  Great deal right?  Not so fast.

Well, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for.  Many people have tried to buy such cheap corsets and realized to their chagrin that they simply don’t work in waist training and don’t even keep their shape.  Why? These products are often of extremely poor quality, use very low quality fabric and almost always plastic flexible bones that are unable to support any good shape, waist train (and are even quite brittle).

But there is hope.  Here are some great tips in choosing and effective and quality real waist training corset online:

  1. Custom.  The best choice is a custom made corset that is created specifically for your individual size. It will guarantee that corset will fit perfect. You just need to send your measurements to a corset maker and the waist reduction that you want in inches or cm. High quality custom made corsets are generally not cheaper than $60 and can be as high as $1000 for ultra-designer brands.  So a real corset making brand should have the option of creating for you a custom made corset.
  2. Pictures.  Carefully look the photos of the corsets you are interested in (even videos). If you see that corset on the real human body maintains its shape and is not deformed when tightened (especially at the sides and at the back) it means that corset is solid and made from quality corset fabrics. Look through pictures even more carefully if you are looking for plus size corset.
  3. Material. There should be detailed description of what the exact corset you are buying is made from: fabrics (be carefully, often you will see “Leather” in description and it will mean poor quality fake vinyl easy stretching “leather”), the amount of bones and their types and all inner materials. Real corset must have at least 3 layers: an outside material, then special fabric and inside will be eco-friendly cotton lining. These three layers are all made for maintaining shape and for preventing additional deformation. A waist training corset should have special waist tape (inside corset or seen in the inner side), as it provides additional support to your waist.

So if you ask is it possible to buy waist training corset through the internet? The answer is yes. Just follow our simple steps above and you will find a high quality corset to meet your needs.

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