Plus size waist training.

plus size waist trainingFor plus size body authentic waist training corset can be a really important part of the outfit. Curved amazing shapes will be underlined by underwear corset that is tightening and reducing waist. If you are a plus size and want to start waist training there are several things that you should know.

  • if your size is XL or more you may buy corset with more than 4″ reduction. 6-8 and even 10 inches can be suitable.
  • your waist training will be very successful. There some experiences showing that plus size waist trainers can lose up to 4 inches in a months in waist.
  • remember that it is important to buy corset with more steel bones than for small size corset. Because the real size of corset is bigger. We recommend corsets with double bones for plus size waist training.
  • be sure that you are buying only a real heavy corset made for tight lacing. This corset will have several spiral steel bones, flat steel bones at the back (protecting lace), special thick cotton lining and waist tape inside. It is almost impossible to create real corset without special equipment. Please take a look how authentic quality corsets are created.
  • it is much better to have custom made corset according to your sizes. Corset is always looking better if was created according to your personal body features – wide hips or big bust and so on.
  • the best styles for waist training and for plus size waist training are underbust corsets. But for plus size bodies it will be better to choose long line hips corsets that will also hide stomach. One of the best styles for plus size waist training is Corsettery 901 – underbust corset created specially for tight lacing in lot’s of materials and colors: satin, cotton, laces, real leather, PVC and so on. So you will be able to choose corset suitable for your own style.

Plus size waist training reviews and diaries

At Corsetty we have collected several plus size waist training diaries from real people sharing their experience and tips with everybody who has wish to try real corset waist training.
real waist training diary Plus size waist training diary with underbust corset from satin.









real plus size waist training diary¬†Waist training experiment with overbust plus size corset that has 10″ waist reduction and was not even closed at the back at the start!









According to people’s experience we may say that everyday corset wearing can really provide you a waist reduction. But what is more important you can always use corset to reduce your waist immidiately if you need it for special occasion or just going out.

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