100% cotton Fitness Edition corsets

cotton waist training corsetcotton waist training corsetcotton waist training corsetCotton corsets are super comfortable and are looking vintage and stylish. If you are looking for everyday tightening corset or special corset for waist training it is better to look for 100% cotton corset.

In 2015 Corsettery has launched their special Cotton Fintess Edition corsets: several top waist training designs were created in 100% cotton of different amazingly stylish colors: white, beige (sand cotton), dark grey, black and light blue cotton. Corsets can be used both for women and men.

Each corset has double bones and is specially designed for tight lacing and waist training.

Several styles of corsets were included into this collection:

  • legendary Waspie 801 with double rows of bones that provides perfect shapes and fits amazingly just exactly at your waist.
  • double boned underbust 901 covering hips and stomach. Long style of underbust waist training luxury corsets.
  • short underbust corset on double bones without covering hips.

Each corset is created according all technologies and quality standarts of authentic corsets. The price starts from $69 that makes corsets extremely affordable and popular!

Corsettery – one of the leading corset maker of high quality authentic corsets in the USA.


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