Diary 5. Waist training review: white cotton vintage corset

white cotton waist training corset diaryI have chosen 100% cotton fitness edition corset for my waist training review because I had an intense to wear it almost everyday and also I wanted to practice under corset wrappings with different lotions so I am going to wash my corset. Corset from this waist training diary.

I have some troubles with stomach shape after pregnancy and cesarean operation and though I have not extra weight I still need to lift my skin and make waist thinner. My cosmetologyst told me that if you combine special wrappings with tight lacing of steel boned corset your body will remember this shape. I have started like this: a cofee pealing during the shower and then seaweed mask on stomack, I cover it with polyethylene food film and over it I put my waist training steel boned cotton corset. The main thing that nearly 2 years have passed after this operation so I am starting not exactly after it and I think it is important because at least it can be not very healthy to practice tight lacing after pregnancy.

My opinion about corset. It is my first real corset, before this I used to have some corsages just like a lingerie. So compared to them corset is much mre firm, it is havier. Cotton and all stitchings are very beautiful, really wonderful looking and it is extremely quality work. I have looked through videos how to put it on: to unlace as much as possible, put on and then lace up. So if I take it off in laced condition I would never be able to put it on back. This corset is really able to tighten you very well.

At the first week I have my waist of 26″ and my skin is a bit soft. My corset is 22 inches if I tighten it till the end (right now I have like 3″ gap between two parts).

After almost 3 weeks of wearing corset I feel that my clothes in the area of waist are much less tigh then before and my skin is much better. I am wearing corset not more than 5 hours a day, it seems to me that when you lace up corset you even train some muscles at the sides and at the stomach. Also corset doesn’t allow to eat too much and it really encourages.

It is easier to wear corset after some time, the first week was the hardest and I was ready to leave this idea, but now I feel much more comfortable. I also feel how some of muscles are working while you are tightening corset and wearing it (sometimes they are aching like after fitness training).

I think that I also will buy the waist waspie corset from some interesting fabric like leather or suede so I will be able to wear it like a belt but tightening my waist and making hourglasses shapes.

I am excited to see what results I will gain after a month or two or maybe even more of wearing. Now I am a real fan of corsets!

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