Luxury Corsets For Waist Training

exclusive luxury waist training waspieYou are looking for everyday waist training corset. Who decided that this corset must be very boring and casual? Don’t you think that you deserve something amazingly luxury and expensive? We have found you several wonderful custom made corsets decorated by tender delicate laces, made for your size and created specially for waist training.

First of all let’s discuss what is a waist training corset and what does it have and how is it bult.

Waist training corset – is a heavy steel boned corset created specially for tight lacing. It is made from special fabrics, with special linings, using spiral steel bones and flat ribs. Quality made corset will be able to provide perfect shapes and won’t be deformated even after years of wearing. This corset won’t lose shape even when you lace is very tight or wear it every day.


To be sure that corset will fit perfect it must be created according to your sizes. There are no similar people and similar bodies, one woman needs wide hips corset, another will need very thin 18″ waist, somebody else wants almost flat shapes, another person in interested iexpensive luxury bridal waist training corset with lacesn overbust corset having big bust. It is simply impossible to have perfect corset with regular sizes. Of course a lot of stores will offer you this, a lot of shops are selling even steel-boned heavy corsets but of regular sizes making you to try to fit into this or that size and this or that style. In the best case there will be several sizes for this body shapes and several for another. Usually all sizes and styles are just regular.


What measurements do you need for custom made corset:

  • first of all please look at the length of the corset. According to the length of the bust front of corset of each style can be one and the same. So you are choosing corset according to your wish – do you want it to cover your belly, or hips also, or just to start under ribs and end before hip bones, underbust or overbust style.
  • then you need to measure your underbust, waist, hip bones and hips. For overbust styles also bust around nipples and sometimes the length of strap or sleeves for some styles.
  • did you decide what are your goals? Do you want just a corset that will shape you and hide some not perfect features of body, or you want to create a super dramatic curves exclusive waist training red and black corsetthat will make extra thin waist and wide hips? It is time to decide what waist of corset do you want (and can) have. Also remember that when you are looking for corset under clothes the inner measurement of corset will be nearly 1/2 inches smaller than outside because corset has some┬áthickness.
  • your final measurements that you need to give to corset maker will contain at least: underbust, natural waist, waist of corset, hip bones, hips, also bust around nipples.

Now you know a bit about corsets and measurements and bones. What styles we fint the most interesting for waist training?

Here is our list of several waist training corsets of different shapes:

  1. Waist training waspie. It is a short cotton waist corset on steel bones that is covered by chantilly laces creating amazing exclusive and fashionable pattern.
  2. Wonderful underbust corset with double rows of steel bones. Deep red cherry satin with dramatic black laces or tender almost bridal looking white cotton with white Exclusive luxury vintage corsetChantilly laces.
  3. Exclusive overbust corset Maria inspired by vintage collections decorated with luxury Chantilly laces. Each corset has at least 3 yards of this amazing wide delicate laces. Corset was created with collaboration of worldwide corsetmaker Corsettery and expert in vintage style Doris Hobbs. Corset was made as a headliner of the Old Hollywood Couture collection.


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