How To Start Selling Authentic Corsets?

PVC waspieSo you have a wonderful pinup shop. Or amazingly sweet internet store with vintage styled clothes. Or maybe you are thinking to open a gothic-alternative shop. You are very right thinking that corsets are extremely suitable for each kind of shop. Now the main question is where to find suitable supplier for corsets.

What features should perfect corset supplier have?

  • first of all quality of corsets. Corsetmaker with high quality corsets is happy to explain what kind of bones, fabrics and materials are used, what makes his corsets authentic and quality. Such corset maker has feedbacks of real buyers and can show real photos or videos of corsets in life. Even better if you can receive some samples or just try to buy corset for the test.
  • small minimal quantity. Be sure that you don’t need to buy 100 of corsets at once, probably for the start you don’t need more than 10 items of each style.
  • opportunity to make custom styles. If you have an authentic store with your own style, with your own buyers with their own vision it is always very important to give them products that they are looking for. You need to be sure that you exclusive styles will be created correctly and that they will be sold only in your shop. So corsetmaker should create you a sketch and description of corset that you want so you both will be sure that you understood each other correctly.
  • wholesale prices. It is clear that corsetmaker should provide you wholesale affordable prices so you will be able to have profit selling them.
  • opportunity to give you the list of some very popular styles of corsets that you should have in your store and that are perfect to start business from.
  • the wholesale supplier is situated in the USA and has opportunity to accept Paypal payments. That shows that you will be protected and have opportunity to return and exchange items.

One of the best wholesale supplier of corsets in the USA is Corsettery that can be called one of the biggest and the best worldwide corset maker with feedbacks and customers from all over the world. Company is opened to work with small orders as well as with big. They are loved by buyers and they are creating their exclusive corset collections every season. They are higly appreciated by just corset lovers and by stylish experts.

What are the most popular corsets among buyers?

waist training diary with waspieSo now you need to decide what kinds of corsets you want to have at the start at your store. There is no doubt that it depends upon the style and direction of your business. But at least several corsets are absolutely top of the top among all.

  • steel-boned waist training waspie – a short corset that is perfect for underwear wearing as a waist training. And at the same time it can be a wonderful accessory especially made of leather.
  • underbust corset with long hips line with double rows of steel bones that is created of satin, leather, velvet, PVC.
  • classic leather corsets: classic waist leather corsets and overbust leather corsets.



How much does authentic corsets cost at wholesale?

A great temptation for you will be to order corsets from Asian countries because sometimes they can be $5 without delivery. But you should know that authentic steel-boned corset made with all technologies, using best fabrics and handcrafted can’t be cheaper than $40 for fabric and $80 for leather corset even in wholesale. You should be proud selling high quality corsets in your store, provide only the best to your buyers and give them guarantee that their corset won’t be spoiled after couple of month of wearing. Of course price can be differen depending upon quantity so you can negotiate with supplier for bigger discount. Usually for small wholesale suppliers of high quality corsets that are handcrafted according custom orders and are really authentic give nearly 30% of discount on 5-10 corsets.

Do you need a place to try corset on?

Corset is the same piece of clothes as every top. But at the same time if your shop doesn’t have opportunity to make place for trying corset on and you are selling only accessories you still can sell corsets! Just choose styles that are more belt looking worn above clothes like waspies and waist corsets.

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