Waist training journey in Corsettery corsets by Lavidarosa – wonderful Mom of 2

waist training with authentic corsetThe diary has been written by @lavidarosa

For the start Corsettery has created for her a special underbust corset and decorated it with tender wonderful lace.

Day 1 of my waisttraining as a waisttrainingvolunteer for corsettery started lastnight 😍 I had laced it up tootight so had to fix the corset after I arrived to the party 😂 This is a deep corset and my hips have gotten bigger from doing lots of yoga lately… I had to relax it a bit at the bottom so it stopped riding up, pushing my boobs out of my newdress – I’ll show you later how the modestypanel doesn’t quite cover my modesty 😉 Wore it for 8 hours, danced the night away to latinomusic and it still felt comfortable 😊 Please excuse my bathroomselfie – taken attheparty after I fixed the lacing 🍾 champagne went well with my bubbly happy mood 💎

waist training with authentic corsetDay 2 of waisttraining ⚡️ Had more time today & realised I had laced my new corset from corsettery wrong yesterday. Today I put my bra on top so it didn’t get pushed upwards. This leaves my hips free and gives a much better hourglass shape. Doesn’t seem like missionimpossible to get these laces together anymore 😃

Day 5 waisttraining as a waisttrainingvolunteer for @corsettery 💎 When your baby wakes up at 4.30 am! You’re having a bad hair day and bloated – tightlacing hairrollers & conceler save the day 🙏🏻 See how that gap is closing fast! Will have to loosen it up before I pick my Little Lion up from nursery though.

Comment of Corsettery: now we are ready for smaller in waist corset and we will created in a shorter style so it will be more comfortable to do everyday stuff in it.

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