Diary 3. Black cotton waspie, 38 size (24″). Review with Youtube channel.

Corset from waist training diary is a black cotton custom made waspie Corsettery.

Just got off work. End of work day#2 while waist training.

best waist training diaries

My skin looks so lovely after 5 hrs of corset wearing. Hey, it’s waist training life and I’m all about that life, ha ha.

waist training with corset

Sleeping in steel-boned corset

Waist training with cotton steel-boned corset at hot Summer days



Link on youtube channel of this waist training experiment


waist training waspie review

Corset isĀ almost fully closed in the center. I’ll get pix of the back this weekend.


Almost after a month of wast training with corset video review Corsettery

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