Diary 4. Plus size overbust cupless top waist training review.

The first week of waist training with cupless overbust corset top from Corsettery. Steel boned corset for experiment was created specially with super thin waist (almost 10 inches less than natural size).

I received my wonderful Pink satin overbust corset with drapery (July 13, 2015) it is beautiful! I was not sure how I wanted to lace it. I just started from the top down.

That lacing may not have a been the best plan. It was not easy to get on and lace up by myself. I had to recruit my mom to help me get into it.  It was not the best fit lacing it up this way. It really cut in and was not flattering.  Also I was unable to sit without it digging into my armpits.


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Over the next couple of days I looked up videos on lacing. I relaced  the corset and it fits much better. I am now able to lace it up by myself. I was able to pull the fabric underlay across more evenly. I was also able to sit a little easier.


I have been wearing it for short period of time over the last couple of weeks. It fits better and better each time I put it on. I am closing the gap in the back as well. I am so excited that it keeps looking better and better.

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After 2 weeks of waist training corset is almost closed even on shirt.  I am able to comfortably tighten my corset up much more. I anticipate in the next couple of days to not have any skin or shirt showing in the back.  I am very excited about this

real waist training diary real plus size waist training diary

4 weeks after the start: Happy Friday.  I just wanted to let you know that I just had a boudoir photoshoot  wearing the beautiful corset. Here are a couple of the pictures that were taken. The corset fits great, it is closed at the back and looks beautiful.

real plus size waist training diaryreal plus size waist training diary


October. So after almost 3 months of wearing corset (and I don’t wear it for very long because it is overbust and is not suitable for all days) it is already closed at the back. And I also see that the shape of my body without corset became much more trained and hourglasses shaped, it seems that during wearing corset it trains also muscles so I am extremely happy about it.

According to this I must say that if you are a plus size like me and you want to waist train you need to choose corset with waist reduction of nearly 7-10 inches (my corset is 10 inches!) and don’t be scared that first week it will look weird and first month may not close at the back. But after that you will see that finally your body will fit into corset and become more shaped. It is impossible on corset without big waist reduction. I am happy I had this opportunity to try how does it feel and tell about my experience to everyone.

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